About us


We are Saatchi (the gal) and Chinmay (the dude?), and we also go by the combined alter ego, #SaatChin. I’m half French half Indian and grew up living in France, India and the UK. Chinmay is Indian and grew up in Sydney, Australia.

Our story goes as follows… We met through a common friend who was living with me in Seoul (South Korea) and whom Chinmay was visiting for a week. Sparks flew and 2 years on we are blissfully married and living together in Australia.

We started this blog as a way for us to share our travels and discoveries with those who shall lend us their ears… and eyes! We hope that our tips and experiences humbly assist you on your adventures and in turn hope to enrich our travels through your suggestions.

All the photos and videos on this blog belong to us and should not be used without our consent.

You can follow us on instagram @thenomadlogs to keep up with our adventures.